Our team at Spice of India is excited to offer you a whole new experience of Indian cuisine.

With Flavours, Colours, Aroma and Spices…..the Kitchen of our Restaurant is buzzing to provide you familiar cuisine with a touch of excellence.

If you have been on any journey through India, you will know that there is no such thing as typical Indian food. The cuisine of South India is very different from North India and similarly to East or West. In addition there is a world of Regional cuisine beyond the favourites of Chicken Tandoori, Chana Masala or Butter Naan. Our experienced cooks aim to provide you an array of dishes from all over India. The changing Menu will include new dishes every now and then and for our staff the ´Customer is King!´

We also bear in mind that food can only be as good as the ingredients you start with. Quality is at heart of everything we do, and it begins with our search and use of only the freshest products and ingredients that are always locally and sustainably sourced whenever possible. The benefits are clear – it’s better for you, the community and you’ll immediately notice how much better it tastes. An average Indian dish includes at least 7 ingredients. The main ingredients of vegetable or meat is sourced from the local market. While our spices are pure and masalas are custom made by our cook. A judicious knowledge and use of these ingredients and spices creates knockout dishes for a cuisine that uses 250 of the estimated 381 ingredients in the world.

With all its exotic ingredients and tongue tingling flavours, Indian cuisine can be both exciting and adventurous. Having said that gather your family, friends or loved ones and come enjoy a warm Indian meal to remember.

With Best Wishes,

Spice of India Team.